Meet the BeachBums, the newest residents of the tropical metaverse and your key to shaping the future of HodlerCon. Collect your own BeachBum NFT when you register for HodlerCon 2022 and are added to the whitelist for a no-fee mint. There is a limited supply of 700 BeachBums with a mint cost for non-HodlerCon attendees of 0.1 ETH. 100% of art assets are stored on-chain for max decentralization. Each BeachBum provides you a vote to shape the future of Luau DAO and its upcoming HodlerCon events.


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Please make sure you are connected to the correct address and the correct network (Ethereum mainnet) before purchasing. The operation cannot be undone after purchase.

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How much is the minting price?

The public mint price is 0.1 ETH + gas per BeachBum.
Hodlercon attendees can mint their BeachBum for free + gas.

Why make an NFT?

BeachBums provide a way to allow governance by active members of the Luau DAO. This mint also helps raise funds for the operation of the initial conference and for future events.

What is the total supply?

The total supply of BeachBums is 700 NFTs. 500 NFTs will be available for the public mint and 200 NFTs are reserved for HodlerCon registrants with any leftover transferring to the Luau DAO for use in future events.

Is there a resale fee?

Each resale comes with a 5% fee that goes to the Luau DAO treasury for use in future events.

Any special shout outs?

BeachBums were spearheaded by Woh with consultation from LookingForOwls of ShuffleDAO with radical artwork from the mind of Logic_Beach.

Don't these NFTs look familiar?

Yes! They're based on the Nouns protocol using the CC0 licensing. This means that all of the metadata and artwork is stored on chain and all BeachBum traits have an equal rarity with randomness provided by Ethereum block hashes.


    May 2022 - Launch

  • Beach Bums will be available for public minting in May of 2022 with a free mint whitelist of HodlerCon ticket holders.
  • June 2022 - HodlerCon 2022

  • HodlerCon 2022 will be held in Hawaii and Beach Bums will get their feet wet being center stage as our official mascots.
  • Fall 2022 - Hold vote on next HodlerCon location

  • Once HodlerCon 2022 is in the bag and everyone has a chance to recover from their vacation, future plans will be drafted and once rough consensus is achieved on a list of possible future sites there will be a vote held in which all Beach Bum hodlers will be eligible to participate.